Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mo' mo's, mo' problems?: not this time, P. Diddy.

So here's the thing about November. Aside from the fact that the 'N' has been changed to an 'M', dudes all around us are trying to look like Ron Swanson and, well, failing miserably.

BUT, aside from the constant crap that I give my BF about his stringy soup strainer, I must say that I'm intrigued by this entire phenomenon ... It got me to thinking (and channelling my inner P. Diddy), do mo' mo's mean mo' problems?

PS Check out their sweet mo's!
What I'm trying to say is, Movember is an absolutely wicked concept. Guys, who historically don't do a lot of active fundraising (no offense to all the "Ron"nabee's out there .. get it? Wannabe?), are working their asses off to raise money for an incredible cause. But, there's always another side of the coin - are people just growing 'staches because everyone else is? Because it's cool to look like a teen sex offender? Now, the tiny little cynic inside of me initially thought that this excitement of trying to grow a cool mo' would overshadow the real reason behind Movember. Luckily, that little cynic was recently knocked the eff out by my inner moustachio after witnessing all of the incredible sharing, comraderie and overall CARE that dudes have been exhibiting this month.

So, I say to you P. Diddy (and Ma$e, but who remembers him anyways?) ... this time, Mo' mo's mean less problems. We are lighting a dirty-duster fire on the upper lips of the dudes of our generation, which is not an easy task, since it has always been "cool to be dumb" and say "Whatever" as often as possible. So let's jump on this stubbly wave and ride it as long as we can.

Which leads me to my point of the week: I am sincerely thrilled to be exactly where I am at this moment - we should all be. Not only can we be part of the amazing Movember fundraising campaign that is igniting our inner Tom Selleck, but we are also alive in a time where simply telling our razors that we want to see other people can move mountains.

So, to the guys out there ... THANK YOU, for taking part in this wonderful campaign and being okay with girls cringing at the sight of your upper lip. And, to everyone - be proud of what this month has accomplished and keep doing whatever you can to support your loved ones, friends and community as a whole ... Mo' mo's? Yes please.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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