Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Concussed: ramblings from a bruised brain.

On Saturday, I got a concussion and it rocked me ... literally. Where did I put my water bottle? I had to go to the hospital (BLEH) and, sadly, we didn't see any hilariously-drunken-slutty pumpkins with broken toe nails in the ER. So, now that my week has gotten off to a very slow and painful start, below are the ramblings of my bruised brain and yes, this is the best I can come up with. Has anyone seen my scarf?

In my concussed state, I have realized that compassion and empathy are very powerful. Even the little 10 year olds that I coach have been absolutely wonderful with me, which leads me to thank their parents for modelling compassion and understanding to them at such a young age - they're going to go far because of it.

Wallet... check. Phone... check. Keys... DAMNIT.

In addition, I have also realized that I take my brain for granted. So, we shouldn't do that. Be thankful for the powerful machine that you have up in your noggin and keep it safe. It is incredible what a little shake-up can do to your ability to process information ... seriously, where the hell is my water bottle?

I have also realized that driving takes a lot more focus that I previously thought. My road rage is at an all-time high and Hurricane Sandy is not helping anything... which navigates me to my next point: we should never underestimate the power of things that we cannot control. It's humbling and terrifying all at the same time. Head nod to Mother Nature... I'm not even mad, I'm impressed. Also, I think someone stole my scarf.

And lastly, a comment re: Halloween. It's awesome to see how excited people get about it... no matter how young or how old. So I say "way to go Halloween!" for re-igniting the child within all of us, letting us eat candy without (a lot of) guilt, and giving us a great reason to strike up conversations with strangers dressed like pirates. I'm so thirsty.

Alrighty, there you have it. My brain is bruised. Talk soon, hopefully when I've regenerated a considerably larger number of brain cells.

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