Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Bachelorette: losers, lovers or ... leaders?

I feel that we can all agree on the fact that the Bachelorette can be a fascinating social commentary but, by all intents and purposes, it is BAD... AND it sucks.

Now, I consider myself somewhat well-read and relatively intelligent. So, why the hell do I spend TWO (or three, in this week's case) HOURS watching a show like this every Monday night?

This week, as I sunk lower and lower into my couch for longer than most Bachelorette relationships last, I decided to do something productive ... I started using my brain. Bold move, I know.

I started thinking about how leadership works into the daily interactions of the Bach's men and woman and, surprisingly, I was able to sketch some distinct parallels.

We will begin with Emily. Pretty, sassy, southern Emily. Yes, she has a CHILD and chose to go on the Bachelor/ette not once, but TWICE. Yes, she has done some things to her face that I would not do to my thanksgiving turkey, let alone face. Yes, she has a really hot bod and makes most of us quite jealous. But, aside from all of those dashing qualities, she (or at least the producers' version of her) is quite a leader.

*Disclaimer: I know that the tv version of Emily is most likely nowhere close to the real Emily and I know that reality tv is fabricated ... so please transport yourself to leadership la-la land and go with me.*

Our lovely bachelorette is thrown into a situation where she has literally ALL of the power and is surrounded by 25 men who will do whatever she asks of them ... and, aside from making ten of them awkwardly watch Brave from the balcony of an old theatre, she avoids abusing her power as much as possible. She makes herself vulnerable, comes down to their level, and does her best to make them feel as comfortable as she can - all without making everyone else feel slighted or less important. She is gracious, stands up for what she believes in, and tries to see the good in everyone around her ... even the guy who's occupation is "Party MC" ... I mean, come on. She plays along, laughs at herself and shares her passions. Take the fact that she's on a game show where she dates someone for a total of 17 hours and expects them to be her husband AND the step-father of her child out of the equation, and you've got yourself the description of a pretty fantastic leader.

Now onto our pool of eligible misfits. Are they lovers, losers, or leaders? Well, I can think of a few who come to mind that fit into each of the first two categories but, also, a few who fit into the latter. They are patient, they are vulnerable, they share, they understand when it is important to shut up and listen and they realize when it is important to speak up and take a stand. They fight for the little guy (in this instance, a little girl with a little guy's name), and they do their best to get along in one of the most socially terrifying and catastrophic situations... seriously, they are 25 huge men who live in a house with endless booze and are all fighting for one smokin hot chick... yikes.

So, the moral of the story is, when you're sitting on the couch covered in popcorn shrapnel and feel like your brain is slowly turning into rice pudding, take a second to think critically about what you're exposing yourself to, and try to change the way you see things.

Because, in the end, there is no reality; there is only perception.

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